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About us is the easiest and most effective way to evaluate the performance and health of your display. Whether you’re a professional graphic designer ensuring color accuracy or just someone who wants to test a display, our tool is designed to meet your needs.

What is it for?

Our Screen Test Tool displays a full-screen canvas on your device, allowing you to:

  • Check for dead or stuck pixels with Color Test
  • Assess light bleeding or uniformity issues.
  • Calibrate the brightness and contrast of your screen.
  • Check the image quality with Test Pattern.
  • Check the uniformity and color distance of your display screen.

Our Monitor Test

start test
  1. Prepare Your Screen: For the best results, clean your screen thoroughly to remove any dust or smudges.
  2. Launch the Tool: Select the test for your screen. Click the “►” button to begin the test (or click the color area for a color test). Use the top menu to find the best test for your screen.
  3. Inspect Your Screen: Carefully examine your screen, especially the corners and edges, for any irregularities, dead pixels or discoloration.
  4. Exit the Test: To return to the normal view, simply press the ‘Esc’ key or click on it one more time. If you’re on a mobile device, just tap.

Use color for testing screen

The easiest way to test the screen is to fill the screen with color. Below you can select the most popular colors:

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