Gold Screen

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A full-screen Gold Screen, designed with precision to serve multiple functions, be it identifying dead pixels, adjusting screen lighting, or providing a calming ambiance for relaxation and mental ease.

Dead Pixel Test

Worried about dead pixels? Our Gold Screen provides a uniform backdrop that helps you identify even the smallest imperfections in your screen. The brilliance of the gold color stretches across every inch of your display, making dead or stuck pixels immediately apparent.

Lighting Calibration

Photographers, graphic designers, and visual artists rely on accurate screen lighting. The rich, golden hue is ideal for users to adjust brightness and contrast settings to their preference, ensuring an optimal balance that’s easy on the eyes and faithful to real-world colors.

Light for relaxing

Not just a tool for technical checks, our Gold Screen doubles as a source of relaxation. The warm, comforting gold tone aids in reducing eye strain and offers a serene visual experience. Use it during your meditation or relaxation sessions and let your mind wander amidst the golden tranquility.

Easy to Use

No hassle, no unnecessary clicks — our website provides instant access to a full-screen gold display. Whether you’re testing a new monitor or are in need of a calming visual background, a seamless gold screen is just a tap away.

Our Gold Screen isn’t just for tech enthusiasts or professionals in the visual arts. It’s for anyone in need of a precise color backdrop. From quality control in tech shops to a soothing hue in yoga studios, the applications are endless.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

On the move? We’ve got you covered! Our Gold Screen adapts to the size of your screen, offering the same rich consistency across all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Discover a multifaceted screen experience with our Gold Screen. Whether you’re ensuring your screen’s perfect condition, calibrating your display for the truest visuals, or seeking a peaceful moment amidst a hectic day, our full-screen color service caters to all your needs. Dive into the golden expanse today!

By Yuri Koida