Red Screen

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The red screen is essentially a fullscreen mode that floods the monitor with a pure, bright red color. Its primary function is to provide a uniform background against which irregularities such as dead pixels, dust, or light damage can be easily spotted.

How to Use the Red Screen Tool

  1. Open the website and choose a page with a red color on the device on which you want to set the red screen.
  2. Click the big red box for full-screen mode.
  3. Check your display or use the screen as a source of red light.
  4. Press the Esc key or click the left mouse button to finish using the tool.

Purpose of Using a Red Screen for Testing Screens

  • Pixel Performance Assessment: The red screen highlights discrepancies in pixel performance, making defective pixels (dead or stuck) easily noticeable against the uniform red backdrop.
  • Color Calibration: It serves as a baseline for adjusting color settings.
  • Early Detection of Screen Issues: Regular use of the red screen in maintenance routines aids in the early identification of screen problems.
  • Prolonging Monitor Longevity: By revealing potential issues before they escalate, the red screen tool helps maintain consistent screen performance and quality, thereby extending the monitor’s lifespan.

10 Hours of Full HD Red Screen

By Yuri Koida